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GT-TF Full Birch

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  • Image of GT-TF Full Birch

-All new ken shape designed by Teo
-16.5cm tall American birch ken
-"shiv" spike (EXTRA SHARP)
-wide body sarado
-XL convex bird zones
-extended swoop
-new defined ring stall
-flat basecup rim
-62mm RAW Birch tama
-23mm bevel

From Teo.

Yo guys, Teo here! Super excited for you guys to try my mod, here's a few things I wanted to let you know.
Starting at the top it features the brand new shiv spike that was debuted on the GT2. This new thinner spike allows for a higher probability of you getting that crucial spike on your dream trick. The ken also sports an ultra wide sarado with extra girth to really pack the weight up top. This makes it a lunar machine and also helps with stilts. The bird zones are super wide and bulbous, you'll see that they have a nice arc to them enabling them to hug the bevel perfectly and give you great feel for stalls. I really wanted my pro mod to have an extra defined ring stall. I love the way the sharpness feels when you catch the ken, the extra volume also helps lock in ring stalls. The basecup rim was arguably the most important part for me, one of my favorite tricks is cushion taps so I wanted to facilitate them best I could. After some testing, I went with a rim that is almost completely flat. I believe this helps absorb the impact better and I've definitely noticed it helps with overall control. This does not hinder regular taps at all, they still feel great! Finally, I decided to omit the presence of a basecup hole. I felt the lunars were good enough as is and I overall prefer the clean look of a holeless kendama.
The ken is 16.5cm tall, this gives you more than enough space to grab the handle without touching the cups and helps you catch/flip the ken with ease. The tama is 62mm allowing for a bigger surface to catch all your cup related tricks, be it whilst holding the ken or tama. The bevel is 23mm wide for ultimate spikes and stalls.

For the tama I went with 2 sets of san lines seperated by a space that's 1.5× bigger than the space between two lines on the san design. I love the way this looks and it covers an extra wide area to help with tracking.
I dubbed it the "Ni-San" for 2 reasons. The first is that that "Ni-San" means brother in Japanese. I have 2 brothers, an older one who's name is Marc-Andrea and a younger one named Louis. We represent the top set of lines, me being the middle one. The bottom set represents the kendama community: one line for my GT fam, one line for the EU fam and one line for the world fam. The second is that "Ni" is Japanese for 2 and "San" is Japanese for 3. 2 sets of 3 lines.
The ken features no extra design features, save for the classic caliper under the sarado and my initials under the small cup. These are flipped around so that you can read them as you're doing my favorite balance tricks : inward lunar & inward stilt.

When Jake first informed me I had to decide what my logo was, I drew a blank. I had no idea what I wanted, so I decided to think back to the things that had defined my journey on this planet and finally what it is I wanted to rep. It actually didn't take long for me to realize that I've always strived to give my all for the homies. Since even before I got on GT I've had this burning desire to grow kendama's influence in pop culture. To do this I had to start in my backyard: Europe. I've thrown many events and jams here, always relishing the feeling of getting everyone together and seshing dama for hours on end. It dawned on me that to create a logo representing the whole community and our collective strength, I had to symbolize people. And I could also symbolize specific homies within the logo to make it even more personal. I looked back at the kendama event that cemented this grind and really enlightened me when it came to just how valuable the homies are to anything you do in any creative space. That event was Kendama Attck #3. It took place April 29th 2017 in Rome, Italy. I had been playing for about 1 year and a half but had only been aware of kendama's cultural richness for 6 months. I booked an airbnb with 9 other guys I'd briefly met before. But quickly, we became great friends on the trip. These guys have all kept to dama in different ways over the years, some still play from time to time and others have made dama their full time grind. My understanding of their varying degree of involvement within the scene was crucial in my quest to heighten my dama philosophy. It's important to remember that everyone has a different goal and drive and that doesn't mean someone's grind is more personally enriching than another's. In the end we all assemble around kendama. It's amazing to see how we all evolved from that weekend, I can confidently say each and every one of us has exceeded their own personal expectations and achieved things today they would never have been able to predict back then.