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  • Image of GT-TC - ROKU & STITCH (WALNUT)
  • Image of GT-TC - ROKU & STITCH (WALNUT)
  • Image of GT-TC - ROKU & STITCH (WALNUT)
  • Image of GT-TC - ROKU & STITCH (WALNUT)

ROKU & STITCH are back! The classic designs make a return on the new GT-TC shape with the added bonus of a 3rd string hole. "The wormhole"

The wormhole is an additional and alternate stringing method designed to break down barriers in your way of progression. The centered string aligns the big cup with the tama from the start. No need to twist n swing. Just swing up to lunar, light house, stilt, airplane, or what ever you like. It also enables you to rapidly spin the ken. 11 turn airplanes jump into your realm of possibility.

The GT-TC was developed by the GT Team with everyones play style in mind. The TC borrows elements from kendamas past and integraits concepts from kendamas future. Wide body serado lends to lunars, birds, and slings. Extended swoop lends to handle, ring, and underbird stalls along with that perfect thumb grip for kenflips and juggles. The classic 16cm ken and 60 mm tama provide a familiar play space that let you jump right in and start shredding.

ROKU & STITCH made their debut in 2018 with the GT-E1. The concepts behind these designs were blending the GT logo with legendary designs from the past. ROKU is a mirrored interperation of the Rokurosen tama from the Shin Fuji era. The STITCH design is a nod to the mid 2000's 70/30. This design changed kendama for ever. The dashed lines are taken from the outer ring of the GT seal to solidify the concept and make these designs our standard classics.

-Extra String
-Extra Bearing
-GT stickers
-Hand Stamped GT ROKU / STITCH Dama bag