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GT Shape Bundle


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SAVE $40 with this bundle!

3 Unique shapes delivered to your door.

GT is known for it's multiple shapes. Every player is different and so kendamas should be just as diverse as the players playing them. Sometimes choosing the right shape for you can be difficult. This bundle has 3 very different shapes with 3 different feels and experiences.

GT-TC - "AVENTISS" - Blending classic and modern elements into one shape. This shape keeps the classic 16cm height and adds the boosted cup diameters. The swoop was extended for extra locking effects on stalls. The base cup hole leans it into your lunars for great balance.

GT-EBH - The re emagined classic. This shape is based off the original Ben Herald pro shape. Through the manufacturing process a few elements changed and we decided to run it. It is by far one of the thickest kendamas out there. When you hold it it feels robust and tough. This shape will keep you coming back wondering "why is this kendama so fun to play?" . well rounded for stalls, slings, and lunars.

The GT-NS2. - The Stodd pro shape was designed for his style of play. Aggressive, fast paced, and in your face. Standing 16.5 cm tall it adds some room for your hand on juggles and kenflips. The sarado design leans towrds rapid flips and stalls. The base of the kendama is the first kendama GT has made without a swoop. This kendama will level up your tap and juggle game. This shape was used by Kaito Nakajima during his 1st place world championship freestyle run at Catch & Flow .

All 3 Kendamas included are maple wood with the classic sticky clear tama. This common thread among the shapes will allow you to truly experience what each shape has to offer.