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GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"

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Image of GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"
  • Image of GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"
  • Image of GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"
  • Image of GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"
  • Image of GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"

You take thousands of steps a day and all it takes is one in the right direction to change your life. For me it was stepping into a small shop called D STRUCTURE in San Francisco to buy my first kendama. I had no idea the impact that step would have on my life. Kendama is my one small step and my giant leap.

The GT-JW 1.5 features the GT-JW shape with an updated "Bevel Base" balance hole that mirrors the hole and bevel of the tama carrying a common design vocabulary though the kendama. The tama features the classic grey that transforms into the surface of the moon with every drop, missed spike, and tap. Make craters and watch it evolve. The moon cycle tracking stripe by Drew Tetz is designed to animate when spinning at 44 RPM and filmed. The top of the tama features the iconic footprint by Neal Armstrong on the surface of the moon. The bottom gold ring and gold string resembles the gold foil on the Eagle Lunar Lander. The code 1SS-4M -1JL-4MK is engraved under the big cup representing the quote "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". The Big cup design is the tread from the lunar moon boot used by the astronauts. Every lunar on this mod is a step on the moon.

Thank you to Jordan Riley for the incredible photography. See more of Jordans work on IG. @Kendamagotchi

Take a step.

-GT-JW 1.5 "Footprint"
-Full Maple
-Extra String
-Extra Bearing
-GT-JW Footprint Bag
-GT Stickers
-1 Small Step