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GT-EBH (Sticky Gloss Edition)

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Image of GT-EBH  (Sticky Gloss Edition)
  • Image of GT-EBH  (Sticky Gloss Edition)
  • Image of GT-EBH  (Sticky Gloss Edition)
  • Image of GT-EBH  (Sticky Gloss Edition)
  • Image of GT-EBH  (Sticky Gloss Edition)

The Year is 2017. The GT-BH is born. Ben Herald's mind translated into curves and carved from wood. Fast forward to 2019. FRINGECASE premiered in a hotel meeting room during the NAKO in Minnesota. Minds were melted and the game was changed. Forever. Trick concepts, new techniques, and styles were being seen for the first time. Since then Ben Herald has settled into his role as the great kendama shaman. Guiding others through inspiration and trippy ass editing. Only recently were we able to obtain Ben's scriptures. Wisdom pours from his writings. A wise man once said " You can hand the student a book of words but they are more likely to read it if it's written all over a fun wooden game from Japan." We took this quote and turned it into the Commemorative Edition GT-EBH (AKA CEGT-EBH).

The maple wood GT-EBH ken shape is based off the original GT-BH design from 2017. The tama is a 62mm maple tama with a 14mm inner hole and 23mm outer. The tama is coated in classic sticky gloss for that great grip and beautiful shine.
The design is based of the original notebooks of Ben Herald. written during the 2.5 years of filming for FRINGECASE. All writing and drawings are from Ben himself. Some tricks are still in his bucket list and some he is not sure if are possible at all. Relax and take notes.

-Extra String
-Extra Bearing
-GT stickers
-GT-EBH Commemorative Dama Bag
-A new list of tricks for you to try (the are all over the kendama)