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GT-E1 "STITCH" Walnut

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Image of GT-E1 "STITCH" Walnut
  • Image of GT-E1 "STITCH" Walnut
  • Image of GT-E1 "STITCH" Walnut
  • Image of GT-E1 "STITCH" Walnut

Walnut - rich in color, unique grain lines, strong aroma of fresh cut wood with rays of light shining through light sawdust. We have always been fans of walnut wood and we are very excited to bring it to the E-1 Shape. The white design makes tracking the tama even easier in low light situations. Perfect for an evening jam with the homies.


GT for EVERYONE! Say Hello to GT-E1 STITCH! The GT-E1 is the first of its kind in the GT portfolio. The classic GT-1 shape has been retired from USA mfg and sent over seas in a effort to make more kendamas for less. The STITCH comes with the "STICKY AF" paint, GT Bearing, Wormhole alt stringing method, and the classic GT-1 shape.

The STITCH design is inspired by the classic 70/30 that everyone loves. Both the bottom and top tracking are lined with the dashed (Stitched) lines that surround the GT logo. The GT calipers are in the base cup oriented for inward lunars. The dashed (Stitched) line travels around the big cup with the GT-E1 placed off center to be viewed from the front of the kendama.

Enjoy the STITCH and welcome to the GT Life.

-GT-E1 "STITCH" kendama
-GT Sticker
-GT-E1 Dama bag
-GT Bearing x2
-String x2