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GT-BH2 Maple/Raw Ash

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Image of GT-BH2 Maple/Raw Ash
  • Image of GT-BH2 Maple/Raw Ash
  • Image of GT-BH2 Maple/Raw Ash

The GT-BH2 is back! This edition is Maple Ken & Raw Ash tama.

This is the 2021 pro model kendama. It’s a modern revamp of the original ken shape from 2017, similar in its frame but with some crucial tweaks.

The cup diameters have all been boosted. Cups were very small back in 2017. We fixed that and added a base cup hole, so you already know this dama claps.
To compliment the bigger cups, the sword and sarado have been slimmed down toward the center, which gives the ken a lightweight, agile feel in hand, and has the added benefit of hooking on much better for slings.

This slim build, topped off with a slightly thinner spike, makes this ken ideal for juggles and kenflips, and precision spikes in general. If my old shape feels like a hammer, this one feels like a scalpel.

Finally, it comes with a tried-and-true 62mm raw ash tama, adorned with the classic minimal 8-dot woodburn design for omni-axial tracking.

The 2021 Ben mod is an elegant and versatile kendama and we hope you have as much fun with it as we have.


-GT-BH2 USA MADE Maple wood Ken
-GT-BH2 RAW ASH tama
-2x string
-2x bearing
-GT-BH2 Dama Bag
-GT Button
-Magical Ben Herald powers (results may vary)