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GT-AE Birch

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  • Image of GT-AE Birch
  • Image of GT-AE Birch
  • Image of GT-AE Birch


-Birch GT-AE KEN
-GT RAW Ash AE Tama
-Esteban signature String
-Heavy weight bearing
-Heavy weight XL metal bead
-Esteban stickers
-GT Stickers
-Gt Button
-GT- AE dama bag

-From Adrian -

GT-AE is the brain child of my dreams made to not just make my tricks easier to do, but also to help trick creation and discovery be the most fun as possible.

The ken stands at 17cm tall and decorated with grooves along the big, small, and base cup as well as around the spike for helping lock in string. It shares the same shiv spike as both the GT-2 and GT-TF but slightly skinnier to aid in risky spike tricks. The sarado sits wide and features the CLIFF shoulders which not only aids in easier string maneuvers but makes all stalls SLAP. The base cup was made to allow both ring and handle stalls sit flat and secure and features a yoyo inspired finger spin dimple to alleviate weight for lunars and make kenflips, taps, cushions on this mod to be a joy. All of this is topped off with the classic GT Raw Ash tama with five DEEP burn lines for both tracking, to help lock my string onto the tama, and to represent my five original colors my string packs came in.

I went for for simple branding for this dama to let the shape speak for itself. GT caliper on top of the tama and an AE burn is hidden underneath the sarado.
Comes with my signature neon yellow string, THICC bearings, and the new stainless steel bead for the option to go extreme with bead manipulation tricks.

I hope you all love this dama as much as I do!