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GT-16 (Birch)

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Image of GT-16 (Birch)
  • Image of GT-16 (Birch)

The GT-16 is our salute to the classic TK-16. For ages the TK-16 was the only Birch kendama available. Birch wood has a magical balance of durability and softness. It is known for being tough and breaking in like a dream. The GT-16 has been played behind the scenes for months now and has quickly become a team and community favorite.

The GT-16 is constructed from American Birch wood.

-Birch GT-1 Ken
-Raw Ash Tama
-GT Dama Bag
-Kenlab Strings
-GT Stickers
-GT button

No Caliper burn on ken and these tend to be on the lighter side