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GT 1.5 - Oak

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  • Image of GT 1.5 - Oak

The GT-1.5 combines the classic GT-1 shape with a new 2 step base cup design that supplies 3 new features.

Deeper, Stronger, Faster.

-The 1.5 Base cup goes deeper than the original base cup relieving even more weight form the base for an even more honed lunar.
-The 2 step bevel on the base cup adds strength by placing extra support where it is needed most.
-Along with the even more honed lunar the team noticed faster rotations for ken flips and j sticks with the 1.5 weight distribution.

We introduce the 1.5 with our 3 favorite woods. HICKORY, MAPLE, and OAK.

Hickory comes with a RAW Hickory Tama.
Oak comes with a RAW Oak Tama.
Birch Comes with a RAW Ash Tama.

-GT-1.5 Ken
-GT RAW Tama
-GT Dama Bag
-2x Kenlab Strings / beads
-GT Stickers
-GT Button

Most Kens low 60s grams.
Most Tamas low 70s grams.
Overall 62-76 range

Most kens high 60s-low 70s grams.
Most Tamas low to mid 70s
Overall 68-76 range

Most ken and tamas low to mid 70s